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About Us

Company Introduction

G-winner Introduction

G-winner environmental technology (stocks) company into the largest commercial manufacturing and services company with a professional dishwasher. For the sake of upgrading the quality of food hygiene, environmental protection and health to ensure universal philosophy, combining cutting-edge multi-country and invite professional and technical personnel, the establishment of a professional production of automatic dishwashing equipment in Dali City, Taichung City, a manufacturing base of more than 2,000 Ping and continuous research and development of automatic "extreme pressure multi-stage high-temperature sterilization washing machine." Intellectual Property Office awarded a number of patents, has a staff of two hundred people at this stage. With the requirements of the times, and is committed to lease dishwasher and labor contracting of professional services, specialized cleaning utensils towards comprehensive business strategy.
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G-winner environmental technology (stocks) company to environmental protection as a starting point, in order to reduce the abuse of disposable tableware, made efforts to protect the earth's resources. And the pursuit to enhance the quality of food hygiene, environmental protection and health to ensure universal philosophy. Safe, clean, sanitary, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, such as five demands for the company's goals. Consumer food resolutely guard last PCT levels.

Business model

G-winner environmental technology (stocks) sell off the company in addition to general mechanical way, the other a professional leasing, and offers a full dishwasher, a far infrared sterilizer, cutlery cars insulation, thermal lunch box car, all kinds of tableware, US imports of related peripheral equipment, such as Corning Ware group, and is responsible for updating the installation, repair, maintenance, spare parts, the scheduling supply of dishwashing detergent and a professional staff of contractors, training, payroll, labor and health insurance, and all expenses related to personnel management, school , offices, factories, companies, etc, avoid the huge investment in equipment, you can enjoy the art of automatic washing equipment, and does not need to bear the machine depreciation, repairs and maintenance, as well as the elimination of outdated models and other risks. Provided by companies specializing in washing machines and personnel responsible for contract cleaning, saving time, effort, environmental, health ... both cost-effective.
At present, the company will be in Taiwan points north, central and southern three regional management office, the province's cities and counties set Garrison "Business", maintenance, customer service, service management, and business needs services slowest arrive within one hour, to form a complete the selling network.

Future goals

Head beneficial serious global warming, conservation of trees and water assets of the important topics of all the advanced countries. To reduce disposable tableware and balance of safety, health and environmental tableware, tableware and utensils clean for future trends and environmental needs of the world's advanced countries, in the twenty-first century tableware hygiene and environmental requirements, it is bound to be used with a health guarantee The tableware, but also can improve the health security of the dishwasher cutlery immediately, the company always bears a strong sense of mission of environmental health. Continuous improvement in the company's services apart, our aim is to be able to research and development, manufacturing the world's most advanced, most dishwashers technology. Most health and safety of cleaning quality and speed development of domestic original and professional dishwasher. Another professional development and manufacturing all kinds of tableware materials to meet the environmental, safety, non-toxic and environmentally friendly tableware, meet environmental demands, long-term preservation of pollution from the second time, the ultimate goal is to enter the world, to serve more than five billion people.

Representative clients

Hon Hai, Quanta Computer, AU Optronics, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, agriculture (stock) company, Pacific SOGO, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, the Friends of the pot, and so fresh; branched out into areas: food and beverage industry, hospitals, food court, Catholic agencies and organizations, schools factories, group meals, washing dishes factory.

Energy-saving targets

The Company since October 1995 in Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital B1 food court (18 a vendor) will set up a joint session of the three years since the dishwashing center, a thousand copies of the daily cleaning tableware, initially due to a vendor lot number of meals numerous, small part of the planning of the blind spot, the rapid adjustment so far, all my colleagues in the hospital and get a vendor who's praise.
Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, using the company's self-cleaning method, in addition to the hospital to solve the major problems of trash daily reduction of more than 300 large trash bags (about ten tons), about reducing carbon emissions by 3 tons per day, the provincial Kaohsiung County Government under about 6 million per year in waste disposal costs, but also reduce bird pine Township Office cleaning team daily garbage truck transport.
Asia's only G-winner patented commercial dishwasher, wash speed, each parent can be discharged basket floor, and every kind of adjustment time cutlery basket to follow 60S, 90S, 120S, although they may be washed every minute of a basket, however, and after a multi-stage wash the dishes every three minutes or more to reach all time high temperature cleaning, this rate is still no any kind of comparable Asian dishwasher.

Environmental sterilization, to ensure consumer safety

Consumers often overlook the cleanliness and safety of food utensils, only use commercial dishwasher, so as to achieve high-temperature sterilization cleaning effect. Such as E. coli required water temperature reached 60 degrees before being effective sterilization, but most people endure extreme hand washing water temperature of 40 degrees, you can not achieve sterilization. And high-temperature sterilization completely cleaned by the staff without a job, can fully clean sterilization to ensure that users of health.

Labor cost savings

G-winner dishwasher dishwasher unlike the world a unique style, the general who must use the dishwasher again after hand rub into the dishwasher, G-winner dishwasher out from the pre-wash tank you can enter the wash, it is basically a minimum savings of more than a dishwasher of manpower, and allow customers to more efficient use of manpower to the unit even more needed.

Cutlery breakage rate savings

Dishwasher automatic washing equipment, greatly reduces the breakage rate utensils, unlike manual cleaning of your beloved appliances often cause damage.

Company History

G-winner environmental technology (shares) companies from the traditional "black hand" in the manufacturing industry was originally started as a global environmental transformation of environmental technology company to produce mainly by the company's transformation to a customer service-oriented company, and so much changes in the company can be said to cast a shocker. In the process, the company has experienced a number of operational challenges, setbacks from the many innovations, Givi spirit of innovation that has always been the business model, after the pace of amendments and adjustments to achieve a leading position in the industry, once again get back the top spot and lay a more solid foundation.
While G-winner environmental technology (stocks) company that clean tableware disinfection, the model dishwasher manufacturing and services have achieved a leading position, but the company does not stop this change, mergers and acquisitions and expansion in recent years is that the big business there are exhibition is eligible, regional services also expanded across the Taiwan Strait, clients are well-known companies listed on the cabinet.
Founded in October 1989, the Republic of China, "G-winner environmental technology (shares) Company".
Republic of China 90 years the company developed the world's first mass-produced homemade dishwasher available. (268 series)
Republic of China on May 99 to enter the mainland and officially changed its name to "G-winner environmental technology (shares) Company".
Republic of China was formally established in December 1999, "that the Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai G-winner".
Republic of China was formally established in February 100, "Environmental Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Suzhou G-winner".
101 years of the Republic in May the company into ASDC ERP Operating System.