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Product knowledge

Product Knowledge Introduction


☆ traditional washing machine Comparison ☆


More traditional, machine wash it

Forced sterilization temperature multi-stage washing machine

Forced sterilization temperature multi-stage washing machine


Washing temperature: 60 ~ 65 , 80 ~ 85


Washing temperature: 35 ~ 40

Water consumption: regular supplement use over and over again

Water consumption: the continual loss

Cleanliness:  98% sterilization

degree: 95%   breakage rate: 1%

Cleanliness: 65% sterilization degree: 50% breakage rate: 25%

Lotion Dosage: Use automatic IC controls the amount of added

Lotion Dosage: tradition is difficult to control the amount of manpower

Service quality: You can call regular maintenance or emergency repair

Service quality: None

Cutlery dryness: 95% ↑

Cutlery dryness: all wet, wipe with a cloth easily cause secondary pollution

Definition of disinfection, sterilization of

Disinfection, sterilization is to control microorganisms, reducing the number of means, who will kill microbes reduction process is called sterilization, disinfection is a method for facilities, equipment, or utensils for sterilization aimed at the removal of infectious pathogens